If the Psalms have been source of spiritual instruction and consolation for many seekers, they also have filled others with discomfort and bewilderment. There is an untidiness, a turbulence, an undertow of mystery in these ancient prayers. – John S. Mogabgab

The difficulty: Back to back Psalms seem to contradict each other. It’s an unending pattern of 150 passionate arguments…an emotional roller coaster plummeting to the depths of despair and soaring to the heights of praise. The Psalms sweeping promises of safety seem patently untrue. Satan himself quoted from the Psalms in an attempt to get Jesus to jump from a high place. Other moments of despair seem like the ultimate betrayal from God. Read More →

Prayer is an elusive topic because we all pray—but the difference between good prayer and bad prayer is as great as the difference between shouting at the ref in a baseball game and having a conversation with friends. It’s the difference between throwing out concerns to God in our moments of frustration and letting Him challenge and grow our hearts. We need to dedicate and spend time specifically in prayer. Dr. Jerry Falwell made a discipline to spend HOURS at a time in prayer as a college student.

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