It’s easy to get lost in the pages of the Bible…it’s a large collection of manuscripts: 66 books written by 40 authors. Originally it was called the Biblia (plural) but as time passed and technology allowed us to bind all of it in one volume, the Christians began to regard it more as God’s book than a collection of books (its both) and it took on the singular, Biblion or in English, Bible. Read More →

If the Psalms have been source of spiritual instruction and consolation for many seekers, they also have filled others with discomfort and bewilderment. There is an untidiness, a turbulence, an undertow of mystery in these ancient prayers. – John S. Mogabgab

The difficulty: Back to back Psalms seem to contradict each other. It’s an unending pattern of 150 passionate arguments…an emotional roller coaster plummeting to the depths of despair and soaring to the heights of praise. The Psalms sweeping promises of safety seem patently untrue. Satan himself quoted from the Psalms in an attempt to get Jesus to jump from a high place. Other moments of despair seem like the ultimate betrayal from God. Read More →

Today’s post is focused on the history between the Old and New Testaments. I want to increase your understanding of this time period for a few reasons:

  • When you see what God is doing in the silence you realize that He did not abandon His people—He’s very active, He has simply using the most effective method He can to recapture their attention since they refuse to respond when He speaks.
  • When you understand the things that happened leading up to the time of Jesus, you better understand what was happening when Jesus comes along.
  • When you see that God is doing great things in history—even though He’s not recording them in Scripture—you’ll think differently about the present age. There’s all kind of miracles and amazing things happening because God is at work—God is just as real today as He is in Scripture. The present day and age in Clarksville Tennessee is just as exciting and amazing as Jerusalem in 40 AD. God doesn’t need our part of the story to be a part of His message to the world in Scripture—but it is worthy of record and it reveals His awesome plan, just the same. Scripture contains the essentials, not the whole story. I have a feeling there will be an account of our lives in heaven somewhere…

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